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Can you still transfer tape if it is broken?

Yes, there's no need to panic. It is normal for VHS tapes to degrade over time, so we offer a minor repair service as standard during our VHS to DVD conversions at DVD Creation. If your tapes require a complete strip down we will inform you of this with an estimated cost.

How long will the transfer process take?

The time it takes to transfer your media will all depend on our current schedule. However we aim to have your VHS to DVD conversion ready in just a week. If you have a deadline, please let us know and we will do our best to meet it.

Can you transfer media to a digital format?

Yes, we can transfer your media to any digital file including AVI, WMV, MPEG or MPEG4 and store the files on a USB flash drive and send this to you. We recommend storing copies on a storage drive for safekeeping. We use SanDisk and Kingston storage devices which are renowned for being durable and long lasting.

Why do I need to transfer my VHS tapes?

Unfortunately VHS tapes aren't long lasting. VHS tapes use magnetic charges to store data, however this weakens over time. Demagnetisation and moisture can also degrade the quality of your video. Transferring your tapes to DVD or a digital file with us at DVD Creation will ensure that your special memories are 100% safe and secure, however many times you want to revisit them.

How can I make sure my tapes reach you safely?

We recommend that you send all of your media by signed for delivery. We will send your media and our DVDs back through the same service. If you are local to Boston, Lincolnshire you can drop off your media at our studio and collect your media when all transfers have been completed.

What media can you convert?

We can can convert: cine film to DVD, video to DVD conversion, 8mm to DVD, Super 8 to DVD, audio tape to CD, reel to reel to CD and camcorder tapes to DVD.


If you have any further questions about VHS to MP4 conversions, Super 8 to DVD or reel to reel to CD transfers, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at DVD Creation on

 01205 364 382, 07951 858 983 or info@dvd-creation.co.uk. 


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 VHS to DVD  in conversions

 VHS to DVD  in conversions  

VHS to DVD  in conversions

For any questions about VHS to MP4 conversions, Super 8 to DVD or reel to reel to CD transfers, please contact us on

 01205 364 382 

 07951 858 983 









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