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There can't be many of us that haven't got at least a small collection of these sitting around at home somewhere. They were born in 1963 and more commonly known as the cassette tape. Created by Phillips, in Holland, they finally arrived in the UK in 1967 with the first pre-recorded tapes hitting the shelves, best known as the musicassette. As these small in size tapes gained popularity, and blank cassettes became readily available, people began recording their own tapes. Bands used them to record demos, and in the home we recorded from the radio and other family moments. This format would turn out to be one of the most popular in production and peaked in the 1980s. Sadly, as the CD appeared on the scene, there came a decline in the market for these once popular mediums.

Many of us still have a collection of these stored away in drawers and cupboards, some holding some precious family moments. These magnetic tapes sadly deteriorate over time and the consequential loss of date becomes a reality.

 Our service offers you the opportunity to recover the data from these old recordings and have them written as CDs or store them digitally as files on a USB drive. Includes in the service, we will trim out any silent sections and equalise the sound track before writing the final files.

Have some of your own that needs updating? Give us a call and see how we can help preserve your recordings. You can also check out our price list here

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