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There must be millions of these gems sat in cupboards that were once treasured. Some absolute classics through the ages. Many of these are no longer available as a physical copy or in a digital form. For those records that are no longer on the market as a digital download, we can offer the chance to recover and digitize them to preserve and protect these vintage recordings.

All records are cleaned before capture commences and each track is separated and tagged before completing the process. We can supply the files as a CD or leave them as MP3s  and add them to a USB drive for you. We can also offer a digital download if you prefer.

We can currently transfer 45rpm & 33rpm records.


We are able to transfer your original vinyl copy to CD or digitally, providing there are no identical CD recordings available on the market.

It is on the understanding the CD/MP3 we create is for your own personal, private listening pleasure and will not be sold, leased, hired or used in any public broadcast. You should retain the original vinyl recording as proof of ownership.

DVD Creation hold no copyright over the material sent to us and cannot be held responsible for any infringements of this law governing the recordings sent to us for conversion.

Have some vinyl records that require updating? Give us a call and see how we can help preserve yours. You can also check out our price list here


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