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A relatively old recording medium these days, the reel to reel tape, often referred to as open reel recording was designed and created in Germany during the late 1920s and gained popularity throughout the world, post WW11. It became immensely popular in the1950s, 60s and 70s, when families recorded their children and gatherings.  

The quarter inch tape had recording speeds of  1 7/8, 3¾,  7½ , 15 and 30 IPS (inch per second). The tape itself was manually fed over the magnetic head and attached to a take-up reel the opposite side. The reels came in different sizes, these being  3"; 5"; 7"; 10.5"; 14" diameter.

These recording machines offered multi-track recording, allowing for stereo or single track recording and some offered 4 track recording too, making the most of the tapes capabilities

As with other types of magnetic tape, this too is susceptible to deterioration through age. Other risks include mould and the breakdown of its binder causing untold issues with the recordings they hold, so the necessity to convert these precious recording has never been greater.

 Our service offers you the opportunity to recover the data from these old recordings and have them written as CDs or store them digitally as files on a USB drive. Includes in the service, we will trim out any silent sections and equalise the sound track before writing the final files.

Have some of these gems hidden away? Call us today and let's get them brought into the 21st century. You can also check out our price list here

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