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There were 3 versions of the 8mm series of tapes, Video8, Hi8 and Digital8. They made their debut in the mid 1980s with the introduction of the Video8 format.This became one of the most popular of camcorder tapes and despite the introduction of the Hi8 version in the 1990s, we have found that we handle more of these than any other camcorder tape format. The Digital8 cassette was introduced toward the end of the 90s, but wasn't as successful as it's predecessors, as the digital race had really begun to take hold. Cosmetically, all these cassettes look exactly the same but the recording format was very different. Generally, the Hi8 camcorders would play back the Video8 tapes too, but the digital8 was a completely new technology.

Popular for their time, we still handle many of these cassettes for 8mm to DVD conversion work.

Looking to have your tapes transformed digitally? We also offer 8mm to MPEG4  transfers, and as an optional extra, can copy them onto a USB drive for you. You can, of course, supply your own drive if you wish. You can also check out our price list here

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