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VHS Tapes

 VHS Video Tape Transfers

One of the most popular consumer level video tapes, being the market leader for many years. They were generally used for recording television programmes but many people transferred their own recordings from their camcorders onto them. Over time, these tapes naturally degrade and so do the recordings on them. A higher quality version known as S-VHS (Super VHS) was also available but wasn't as popular as the VHS format, but which ever you have, we have the technology to handle them.

With the age of  the smart TV, we regularly get asked, how do I convert my VHS tapes to digital? Well, we can convert to a digital format such as MPEG4 for you, and pop them on a USB if you wish, as well as the alternative transfer of VHS to DVD, preserving your memories and preventing further loss of quality.

If you would like to have your VHS tapes converted, contact us to see how we can help protect yours.

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