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 Cine Film Transfers

 “I've been having a tidy up and have come across some old reels of cine film but no longer have the equipment to play them on”, a phrase we hear on a regular basis.  Look no further! We offer the complete service to take care of all your films with our cine film to DVD transfer service. We use dedicated scanners to capture your movies (frame by frame scanning), giving the best possible results when it come to cine film transfers. Equipped with LED cold lighting there is no danger of burnouts, something that frequently happened with the old projectors. We can produce your scanned films in DVD format or as digital files, generally MPEG4 and as an optional extra, for digital movies, can supply you with a USB drive to store them on. Your finished DVDs will come with a menu and chapters plus, for silent films, music as standard, or just the music in digital format.

With prices starting from as little as £10, there's no better time to have your old films transferred, just contact us for more details or to book yours in for an upgrade.

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer experience we can, caring for your memories is our priority. See what our customers have been saying, just follow the links below for GoogleTrustpilot & You can also check out our price list here.


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