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One of the earliest consumer level tapes, it arrived on the scene in the mid 1970s. It introduced the consumer to the latest technology that enabled the recording of TV programmes in the home. During its reign, Sony also produced the Betamovie. This was to be the first consumer level camcorder on the market which allowed the capture of  events directly onto the Betamax tape. Although it had no playback facility, the tape could be inserted into the player/recorder to watch back. This lead to a surge in home movie making that took over from the cine film era. Popular for its time, it eventually lost the market battle to the more common VHS cassette, but there are still many of these old recordings sat in cupboards untouched for many years.

With Betamax tapes of this age, you never really know how well they will perform. Video tape has a natural tendency to deteriorate so it's important to recover the data they carry before it's too late. We offer a Betamax to DVD service to aid the preservation of your recordings, we can even convert them to a digital format such as MPEG2 or MPEG4.

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