Home Video to DVD from any format

VHS To DVDVHS Video Tapes – One of the most popular consumer level video tapes, being the market leader for many years. They were generally used for recording television programmes but many people transferred their own recordings from their camcorders onto them. Over time, these tapes naturally degrade and so do the recordings on them so we can convert VHS to DVD or even VHS to digital files preserving your memories and preventing further loss of quality. A higher quality version known as S-VHS (super VHS) was also available but this didn’t prove as popular as the existing VHS format. Should you have precious footage stored in this format, we can do a video to DVD conversion.


8mm To DVD8mm Tapes – 3 versions of the 8mm tape exist, Video8, Hi8 and Digital8. They were available from the mid 80’s with the introduction of the Video8 format, advancing in the 90’s with the Hi8 version ending the decade with the 3rd of the three, the Digital8. Cosmetically, all these cassettes look exactly the same. Popular for their time, we still handle many of these cassettes for 8mm to DVD conversion


Convert MiniDVMiniDV Tapes – These cassettes were much smaller and more compact compared to their predecessors and probably one of the most popular of the consumer level digital tapes. They were around from the late 90’s and are still in existence today so we can comfortably transfer video to DVD from these little gems.


MicroMV CassettesMicroMV Tapes – The smallest of the video cassettes, this was introduced by Sony during the early 2000’s. Although a lot of these tapes are around, this wasn’t a very successful format. This is one of the latest additions to our service so we can now do a home movies to DVD conversion from this tiniest of tapes.


VHS-C to DVDVHS-C Tapes – One of the earlier formats, the VHS-C was a compact version of the VHS cassette. Recorded cassettes were placed into an adaptor so that they could be played back on your standard video recorder. We can offer a video to DVD conversion on these and the SVHS-C cassette which was the higher quality version.


Transfer cine film to DVD8mm Cine Film - Standard 8, often referred to as Regular 8, was one of the most popular format of film media. Super 8 film was the second of the 8mm film formats introduced during the 1960’s. The noticeable differences between the two were the size and placement of the sprocket holes. The holes on Standard 8 film were larger and lined up with the edge of the frame, whereas Super 8 film had smaller holes that were in line with the centre of the frame. A lot of these films still lie in cupboards and lofts and have remained untouched for many years. We can offer the opportunity to get these precious memories onto disc before it’s too late, with our cine film to DVD conversion service.