So many of us have boxes and boxes of VHS tapes in the attic at home, filled with home movie footage that we cherish. If you want them to last, you can't let them sit there.

The media landscape is changing all the time, with a new “ideal format” seemingly coming to the forefront every few years. Back in the 80s, VHS was the format of choice and, with the advent of the home video camera, anyone could start recording precious memories of their loved ones.

How long do VHS tapes last?

There was a problem, though. VHS tapes simply don't last. When we talk about VHS tapes, we think of the box that the “tape” actually comes in. The tape itself is, sadly, the downfall of the VHS tape. As time goes by, the magnetic particles of the tape in a VHS cassette break down and, in some case, this can happen after only a couple of years.

What happens when a VHS tape deteriorates?

There are a whole variety of unwanted effects that can occur when your VHS tapes start to break down, damaging the footage of your precious memories. These effects can include:

  • Colour bleed
  • Colour loss
  • Total loss of data

The simple truth is that you can't leave your VHS tapes in the attic, where it's damp and cold, and expect them not to degrade. Nobody wants to open up that box at a family gathering, gather around the TV and find that the memories you were about to relive are gone forever – a disaster! Fortunately, you do have options when it comes to saving and preserving these memories. Take a look below to see how DVD Creation can help you out.

What are my alternatives for VHS tape conversion?

Convert to DVD

It's in our name! We offer VHS to DVD conversions, taking your old VHS tapes and transferring them to this newer format for you. Unlike VHS, DVDs are robust and resilient to the elements and weather the ravages of time far better. It's no wonder that, despite having been around since last century – and with all the tech advancements that have come since – so many people still choose DVD as their media format of choice.

Convert to Digital

Digital represents a more modern approach to video storage. No clunky boxes, no degradation, no quality loss. With digital storage, you can keep your files on your computer or even in the cloud and access them from anywhere. This means that you don't have to worry about fishing about in the attic – it's all right there in front of you.

Which data format is right for me?

Of course, we do both, but if you're wondering which format might be better for you, take a look at our blog post, that takes a deep dive into the pros and cons of each format.

VHS or Digital?

Trust DVD Creation with your media

We don't just do VHS conversions, of course. We're also adept at converting a variety of other video formats, as well as cine film and audio tapes into newer formats that last long and preserve your memories. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch and ask.


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