VHS tapes were once the primary way to watch movies, record television shows and, most importantly, save your home video memories to look back on in the future. However, over time, they have become outdated, and people are switching to DVD or digital formats. While some people still have a sentimental attachment to VHS tapes, they often experience several common issues that make it difficult to enjoy their favorite movies and shows. Here are some of the common problems people face with VHS tapes. Any of them sound familiar?

VHS tapes deteriorate

Firstly, VHS tapes are prone to deterioration. Over time, the magnetic tape inside the VHS cassette can break down, resulting in a loss of picture and sound quality. Sometimes this is minor but, in the worst cases, it can lead to the total loss of your footage! Additionally, VHS tapes are more susceptible to damage from temperature changes, moisture, and exposure to sunlight. If you store your VHS tapes improperly, you risk losing them altogether. Are they sitting in a box in the attic? It's time to act.

VHS tapes are hard to navigate

With VHS tapes, you have to fast forward or rewind to find the part you want to watch and, sometimes, it's challenging to find the exact moment you're looking for. This can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you're trying to find a particular memory. It's much easier with a digital version, where you can scrub through quickly with your mouse.

VHS tapes take up lots of room

VHS tapes take up a lot of space. If you have a large collection of VHS tapes, you'll know just how much! Boxes and boxes of VHSs are difficult to store, when that space could be better used. Additionally, VHS tapes require a separate VCR player to play, which can also take up a lot of space. This can be especially challenging if you live in a small flat or have limited storage space.

VHS tapes are obsolete

Furthermore, VHS tapes are becoming increasingly obsolete. With the rise of digital streaming services and DVD technology, VHS tapes are becoming harder to find and more challenging to play. Most modern televisions do not have a built-in VCR player, so you'll need to purchase a separate player to watch your tapes. In time, the market may reach a point where they aren't even being produced anymore!

VHS tapes are not easily shareable

Lastly, VHS tapes are not easily shareable. If you want to share a favorite memory with a friend or family member, you have to physically lend them the tape, which can be inconvenient and risky. Additionally, they'll need to have their own VHS player in order to watch it, which is becoming increasingly unlikely as the world goes digital. If the tape gets lost or damaged, that's it - gone.

There is a solution, however…

VHS tapes have become increasingly difficult to use and enjoy so, at DVD Creation, we suggest switching to DVD or digital formats. With these, you get superior picture and sound quality, in a format that's easy to navigate, takes up less space in the attic, is more accessible, and can be shared more easily. It's a win-win-win-win-win! Let DVD Creation make it simple for you, too. We offer VHS to DVD conversions, or we can transfer your old VHS tapes to the format of your choice, to preserve the footage for the future. Get in touch to find out more.

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